Tasha Queen(Nyssa Al Ghul)


Nyssa Al Ghul
Banished from the League for releasing Black Canarry from the league without her fathers approval. She will do almost anything to appease her father to return, short of killing Black Canarry.

Cover: Tasha Queen, CEO Gotham Branch of Queen Consolidated’s Shipping and Receiving; Oliver Queen’s(Green Arrow) Cousin. Oliver granted this cover to Nyssa as a favor to Black Canarry and for Nyssa’s word that she would not kill anyone inside of Starling City.

Weapons: Colapisable Compound Bow, Fachettes(Smaller arrows made for throwing), trained in Muay Tai

Preferred Vechicle: Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

Mission: Trying to find a way to earn herself a pass to get back into the “Demon” while maintaining the illiusion of turning over a new leaf.

In Gotham she trusts ony Oracle because she believes her to be a neutral source of information. Also in exchange for any data on suspected league’s movements in and around Gotham she has pledge to give Oracle assistance in crime related matters.


Tasha Queen(Nyssa Al Ghul)

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