Dark Knight's Black Agents

Session 1

Dick confirmed that the stim was coming from the Red Hood’s gang, using the Penguin as a broker. Stephanie found a map on one of the dealers with several red X’s; these turned out to be businesses and residences associated with Queen Consolidated.
Dick boarded the Final Offer and found a set of accounting records confirming the Penguin’s illicit dealings, including a new arrangement with a company called Vykos Holdings. He also obtained a custom-made communicator the crew was using to encrypt their radio traffic.
Dick beat up the Penguin and made him look like an informant.
The next morning, Nyssa got a call from Sascha Vykos offering to move her art importing business from the Penguin to her, as Cobblepot could no longer be relied on for discretion.
Barbara got word of a tent city of Church of the Blood refugees being shaken down by the Maronis and dispatched Stephanie to check it out. She also heard that the stim dealer had been released on bail (arranged by Harvey Dent) and was now abducted.
Dick investigated the dealer’s apartment and confirmed that it appeared to be an abduction, not a murder, and set off to interrogate Two-Face.
Stephanie asked Nyssa for assistance taking on the Maroni protection gang and they were able to extract one newcomer for questioning, a Romanian gangster. Under chemical interrogation, the man informed Nyssa that he was working for the Maronis under order from Sascha Vykos… and Intergang.



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